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    Outlaw Radio Network 10-13-13

    Created on 14 October 2013


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  • We had our first tie!
    Written by
    And our second...and our third...   Alice and Chains took on Nirvana in the second round of the tourney, and it was a dog fight.  Both teams tied at 12 at the end of regulation, then 6 at the end of the first overtime and again at the end of the…
    Written on Tuesday, 15 July 2014 19:08 in Battle Of The Bands Be the first to comment!
  • First Round Complete
    Written by
    Well, the first round of the Outlaw Radio Network's Best Rock Band Ever is complete.  The big surprise HAS to be Seether, getting knocked out in the first round by Imagine Dragon.  I didn't think Seether would win the whole thing, but I did expect them to make it past…
    Written on Tuesday, 08 July 2014 18:33 in Battle Of The Bands Be the first to comment!
  • Another Shut Out
    Written by
    HEY!  We got another shut out today, as U2 expectedly dominated Mr. Mister.  Some of these first round matches are no-brainers, but if I didn't include all the bands, some people would have screamed at me.  So, U2 got a cushy, first round opponent, next round will be much harder…
    Written on Sunday, 29 June 2014 16:15 in Battle Of The Bands Be the first to comment!
  • Nice!
    Written by
    We had some great debate today on the Facebook page about the Nine Inch Nails/REM bout and the Foreigner/Radiohead bout.  In the end, Nine Inch Nails and Foreigner pulled away, but it was a great debate on the page.    Someone also noted that they thought that Led Zeplin would…
    Written on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 19:30 in Battle Of The Bands Be the first to comment!
  • Hey Peeps!
    Written by
    No big upsets today, except how close Black Sabbath vs Pink Floyd turned out to be.  Finals today:   Pink Floyd over Black Sabbath, 16-12 Pearl Jam over Weezer, 18-4 Beach Boys downs Steppenwolf, 19-8 AC/DC over The Bangles, 21-5   More tomorrow, from the 2000, 2010-Now, Big Hair and Wildcard…
    Written on Monday, 23 June 2014 19:19 in Battle Of The Bands Be the first to comment!
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